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Kathy just called me and said that Kacy had her baby girl!!!!!!  Her name is Lola Kate born at 3:31 pm weighing in at 8 lbs 5oz with lot's of brown hair and she looks like a volleyball player. Alexis T


JO 18 Pictures from Marshall

(4-29) NEW:  Schedule Change
Marshall Schedule- JO 18's

(4-29) Marshall Schedule- JO 16's


Anyone who ordered apparel from All Around Graphics can stop by and pick them up from All Around. They have everything printed except a red sweatshirt they are waiting to come in still, so feel free to get them before this weekend. Make sure they do not charge you for a screen print because we are paying the screen fee.   Thanks   Kacy

Lola Kate

JO 18s in Fargo


JO 16s in Fargo

JO 12s in Fargo

JO 14s in Fargo


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